Manuel began his career in 2013 as a director of photography on film school projects. After two years of experience with the camera on his hands, he decided to direct his first shortfilm When The Seagulls (selected by different film festivals: Rio de Janeiro, Primeiro Plano, Guadalajara, etc.)

During the five years that passed until he made The Blood We Share (his debut film) he dedicated his career working at the REC IT production company where he directed music videos, advertisements and documentaries; among which he worked for different international artists (Lucy Rose, Marika Hackman), shot a documentary about the Indie music scene in Argentina (Energía Divina) and another one focused on the most important graphic design meeting in Latin America (Trimarchi).

As a photographer he published a photobook in 2017 called Camino del Autor that exposes his projects in portrait photography, fashion and cinema. After a limited
distribution it was released for free in e-book format where it received more than 10,000 downloads during the first month.

He currently shoots projects for his production company REC IT, is co-host of a film podcast for Spotify, creates content on YouTube and is in the process of releasing his first feature film.